Thanks to the advance technologies of today and the known affinity of silicones for glass. there is now an economics, water based elastomeric coating that provides the optimum in glass opacification - OPACI-COAT from Industrial Control Development, Inc.

ICD-ColoGlas with its nearly unlimited range of colours offers greatly increased options for interior glass applications. Used on clear or reflective glass it can add shimmering, jewelry-like colours to the interiors of hotels, shops, restaurants, galleries and clubs, as well as residential kitchens and baths. the use of ColoGlas is limited only by the imagination of the user either for new construction, remodeling or retrofitting. Glass and colour - a truly dazzling combination.

The ICD-ColoGlas collection features a range of colours from neutrals to bold hues and metallics, as well as numerous standard patterns. Custom colours and patterns are also available for projects that meet minimum quantity requirements.