Digital Ceramic In-Glass Engraving Technology - the optimum solution for any aesthetic requirements and a wide range of applications. The glass panels are decorated in a high resolution using multiple colours that permanently fuse with the glass. In contrast to conventional screen printing several colours can be printed simultaneously with a surprising degree of accuracy.


Ceramic printing techniques can be used to produce modern glass designs such as insulation and parapet glazing, but are equally suitable for interior use: cabinets, wardrobes, shower cubicles, shop front, partition walls, doors and many other applications. In addition, the high-definition colour printing of illustrations, decoration, text and graphics etc. is possible.

  • Incorporate multiple colours
  • Outstanding durability of vivid colours
  • Heat treatment to thermally toughen glass
  • Variable use of opacity
  • Resistant to light degradation, scratches and abrasion, acid, UV
  • Heavy metal-free inks - no lead or cadmium
  • Controlling light diffusion and transmission


  • Subsequent coating
  • Insulation glass
  • Laminated safety glass

GLASERAMIC offers an endless range of design possibilities to create a unique glass design.