Saint Glas has a proud aim: to foster and develop a unique culture of glass design and production, through continuous research into original, innovative, and reliable solutions for every environment in which glass can be applied. Saint Glas specializes in custom-made glass products created using the unique Saint Glas “ALL-GLASS SOLUTION”.

From its first beginnings, Saint Glas has displayed a commitment to quality and innovation that has kept it in close contact with major designers and architects. Through such collaborations, it has opened up previously unexplored paths in the field of creative glass production. The Saint Glas “ALL-GLASS SOLUTION”, developed over 40 years of research and experimentation, blends high-level aesthetic principles with advanced technical specifications.

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Our Showroom is an exclusive area dedicated to our Architect and Designer clients; it is a place for shared dialogue in a stimulating and relaxing environment that features stylish, original glass creations that fully express our design and vision. The brand new Saint Glas showroom is designed not only to display our signature products and some of our best complete room designs, but also to offer a place for meeting and exchange: a place where, surrounded by glass pieces by Saint Glas, you can think about design, find solutions, be inspired, and embrace the power of creativity. Ready for a visit? Get in touch with us now!